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Loungewear must haves 2020

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

Loungewear has taken on a whole new meaning. No longer is it just about comfort, it’s about style too.

With the world going into lockdown circa March 2020, loungewear became even more important to us fashion conscious minds. It’s not just about lounging, it’s about lounging in style. Finding an outfit to fuel our creative fires...and feel dead comf at the same time.

I’ve listed and link the best loungewear and loungewear sets you need in your wardrobe for 2020...taking us from the couch to the runway in 0.5 seconds.

Missguided oversized 90s joggers.

A Lorna Luxe favourite, so it’s gotta be a win. Oversize, and right on trend.

Pair with a cropped white or black sleeveless top. Perfect for at home wear, or to dress up a little for the airport.

Micha Lounge Luxe wide leg trousers in fine wool blend knit co-ord

Add a touch of luxe to your loungewear. This gorgeous loungewear set is minimal, in a beautiful neutral tone and an incredible fit.

The OVERSIZED sweatshirt

Wear with cycling shorts, a must for 2020 (perfect to dress up or dress down. Keep snug but stylish.


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