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Making that move

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

Third week into being a French lady...I’ve purchased just the one fresh baguette, keep ordering the wrong coffee and realised the only spinach I can find is either frozen or in a tin. Whilst this may all sound a little negative, it’s a life experience, and with every overly milky coffee I drink (cannot find a flat white for the life of me) I remind myself it’s a story to tell the grandkids when I’m old and forgettable.

Despite the somewhat negative thoughts that creep into my brain every so often, I’m excited to call Nice home. I’m sharing a new experience with the one I love. A guy who is super supportive, patient and one of a kind. And whilst it may all seem a little uncertain at the moment, I always have faith that the stars align eventually. As it’s true what they say ‘everything happens for a reason’...right?

“So...what are you doing out there”

“But you don’t speak French”

“Oh, so you don’t know anyone in the city?”

Just a selection of questions I’ve been asked since the move went public. Don’t you just love those random Instagram DM’s from people you haven’t spoken to in years prying for information - well, I’ve chosen to ignore them.

No I don’t speak French, but I’m working on it with a little help from a few podcasts and the Memrise app.

Friends? Just three weeks in and I’ve been for a drink with a stranger from London, sounds scary but she was lovely and I’m meeting a bunch of girls next Thursday for dinner. Just by putting myself out there...okay it happened via a Facebook group but hey, who cares? I’m excited about meeting new people.

Work wise? Freelancing has always seemed like a dream to me, the ability to work when those creative juices are flowing rather than being chained to my desk from 9am to 5:30pm for little gratification. And now I can make it happen, my website is up, I’m planning content and chatting with new potential clients...I can feel things happening. No, it’s not happening super quickly but I’ve only been here for three weeks, gotta give myself some credit. Plus having my previous company ask me to freelance for them, despite handing in my notice, gave me the little confidence boost I needed!

Clients don’t appear overnight and things take time. Time is a blessing, with time you can evolve, grow and build something valuable. I’m growing with confidence everyday and realising my true value.

I know I can make a difference to someone's business; I have done in the past and will continue to do so. And at times yes, I do think ‘wouldn’t it be easier to find another 9-5 role’ because then I can answer those prying questions about what I’m doing out here. But I’ve always told myself you have to take experiences as they come and grab moments with both hands. Try your hardest, put in the time and feel proud that you’ve given it a go because there’s nothing worse than thinking ‘what if?’.

I’m finding the joy in writing again (hence this blog) as well as creating content and building brands on social media which has been my sole focus the past few years. It’s SO fun watching brands grow through ideas and concepts you’ve put together.

I’m excited to take the knowledge I’ve gained over the past four years working with some fab brands and share the insight with new, growing businesses.

Here’s to the chapter ahead and reminding yourself you can do anything you put your mind to.


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