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Tips on how to work from home

For some, working from home (WFH) is usual practice, for others it’s an alien world. One full of confusion, and a slight pang of anxiety.

Whichever category you fall into, it’s no mistake that working from home can be a little lonely, a little distracting and somewhat hard for our brains to comprehend. But, if we have a positive mental attitude and get ourselves into a good routine, it can be a very fulfilling way to work and one that can leave us feeling somewhat content.

Just think of all the things you can do during those usual commuting hours! Yoga? Pilates? FINALLY organise the sock drawer...the possibilities are endless.

Either way, here are some quick fire tips to get you on your way to WFH success.

  1. Wake up at your normal time. The temptation is there to hit that snooze button, or get in an extra hour or so, but having a routine in the morning can leave you feeling energized, and fulfilled.

  2. Make the most of the morning. However you decide to use that extra hour is up to you, but make it one of purpose. Always wanted to start your day with morning yoga, or a HIIT workout? Now is the time to weave that into your daily routine.

  3. Breakfast. Make it good. No longer is there the need to shove a dry piece of toast down your throat whilst running for the train, cook yourself up some fruity porridge or fluffy pancakes.

  4. Get dressed. Even if it is just into your sweat pants, don’t work in your PJs. It’ll mean you begin to lose the line between work time and me time.

  5. Create an office space. Don’t work in your bed, prop yourself up at a table, and make it a happy place. By that I mean adding a candle to your desk, a plant or your favourite picture from a recent trip. Making an aesthetically pleasing environment helps you feel happy and content whilst working.

  6. To do lists. You probably do this at the office,make sure you keep it going at home.

  7. Don’t beat yourself up. Yes, having a routine is good, but if you miss it one day don’t be hard on yourself! Sometimes sitting around in PJs is all we want to do, and that’s okay. We can’t be the best versions of ourselves everyday. Once you start accepting that, a real sense of contentment happens.

Keep trying, know you're doing your best and sometimes give yourself a day off. We all deserve it.

WFH - working from home


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