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Travelling Beauty Essentials

I’m a girl’s girl. I love finding and trying new beauty products, from budget makes to treating myself to something really expensive.

So, when we decided to go travelling (apart from the obvious excitement) a small panic ran through me as I wondered what on earth I’d pack. First there’s the outfits then there’s the bulging make-up bag to the shampoo to the face care…there’s just so much! Not forgetting the SPF.

I still wanted to look a little glam when travelling, but of course I couldn’t take EVERYTHING. For those of you having the same panics as me, I’ve jotted down those few products I took that I couldn’t have done without. All images are linked…shop away!

Forget powder, go cream

All us girls know that the worst thing on a night out is smashing your new powder. With this in mind, and the fact everything needed to be squashed in a backpack, I decided to go cream based with my make-up from the bronzer to the highlighter and it was the best decision. Plus it blends so well even if your skin is hot and a little on the sweaty side…

Bronzer: Chanel Soleil Tan Bronzing make-up (£40)

Highlighter: NARS The Multiple Strobing Stick (£29)

Brows: Anastasia Beverly Hills Waterproof creme colour (£18)

BB Cream all the way (£9.99)

Away from the UK, the heat is slightly different…it’s actually quite hot and occasionally sticky, especially in Asia. The last thing you need, day time and night time, is a thick, full-coverage foundation. I found using a BB Cream a great way to achieve a nice coverage without feeling cakey. The Gariner BB Cream also has an SPF so covers you in more way than one.

Get Ordinary with your skincare

I wear make-up every day and rarely leave the house without it, but I knew whilst travelling this habit would have to change (and it did which felt great). Because of this I decided the canvas aka my skin, would need to look decent. After a lot of research and a little help from Cult Beauty’s brilliant blog I decided to go for The Ordinary, budget friendly and oh so effective.

Hyalauronic Acid has incredible hydrating properties (especially needed when in the heat of the sun). The Ordinary’s Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5 is oil-free yet penetrates deep into skin’s layers to deliver intense, long-lasting moisture that swiftly smooths and perfectly plumps. (£5.90)

Eye serum is a must, you’ll be sleeping a little less, travelling on long journeys and probably partying more than usual. Puffier eyes are to be expected but using the Caffeine Solution 5% + EGCG from The Ordinary is the perfect solution, it reduces puffiness and dark circles. Yipeeeee. (£5.80)

I went a little rogue here, but decided to take AHA 30% + BHA 2% Peeling Solution with me, for when my skin was feeling a little dull, a little blemished and needed a pick me up. Alpha hydroxyl acids exfoliate the skin’s topmost layer for a brighter, clearer appearance, while beta hydroxyl acids exfoliate the skin more deeply to clear pore congestion; perfect for those blackhead sufferers (me). (£6.30)

SUNBURN ALERT: this product increases your sensitivity to the sun, increasing the possibility of sunburn, so please wear at least an SPF 30 when using this product. I did this and didn’t burn once, but of course it depends on your skin type.

SPF yourself UP (£6.50)

The sun causes damage. We all know it and we should take action, but we all love a suntan…nevertheless, it’s important to take every measure to protect your skin. With this in mind, get your hands on Boots Soltan with the highest UVA rating out of all sun creams. UVA is what causes deep skin damage and speeds up the signs of aging, so slap it on!


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