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Up in the mountains

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

One thing many don’t realise about the city of Nice is you can take a short bus ride of two hours and find yourself in the snow capped mountains of the Alps.

Getting there was so easy; we jumped on the coach outside the main train station in Nice at 10am and off we went. Do you know what made it so great? The fact it cost us only €3. Yup, that’s £2.50 for a return to the Alps. Madness. You can’t even get a ten minute tube for that price. You can purchase your ticket on board, I'd advise having the correct change otherwise they send you off to the closest shop to purchase a can of coke in return for smaller notes.

The coach dropped us off in snowy Valberg. It was honestly like driving into a winter wonderland. I’ve never been skiing and lived down south in the UK so I’ve never seen such snow and it took my breath away.

Now, most go to ski...I’ve not quite plucked up the courage for that so it was just a snowy walk, lunch and a hot choc for us.

Of we went to find somewhere delicious for lunch. Everywhere was booked, so my top tip is to call up before and book yourself a lunch spot. I REALLY wanted pizza, but the pizza place was packed. Nevertheless, we found a cute table at the Hotel Le Chalet Swiss and treated ourselves to a 700g steak and frites.

After a little walk, we popped into the pub for a hot choc then headed back to catch the bus at 3:30pm. Another tip, get there early. The coach was so packed, we sat separately on the coach which I hated, especially as I suffer from travel sickness and those winding roads didn’t do me any favours. Big hugs to the little old man next to me who offered me one of his sweets. Adorable.

So there you have it, we sprinkled a little sparkle on our lunch one Saturday and dined in a winter wonderland. I’m definitely trying skiing next time!


What I wore:

Coat: Zara

Boots: ASOS

Trousers: Missguided (no longer available)


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